Thursday, November 21, 2019

MIH521 - Health Program Evaluation Mod 3 Case Assignment Essay

MIH521 - Health Program Evaluation Mod 3 Case Assignment - Essay Example This paper will discuss the evaluation issues that may need to be approached for the after school program According to Glasgow, Vogt, & Boles, (1999), there are five dimensions that should be used in evaluating a public health program. Those include reach, efficacy, adoption, implementation, and maintenance. Each of these dimensions looks at the functionality of an existing program. The reach of the program tells us how many people are able to use the program. This information should tell us whether the program is functioning the way it stands or whether it needs to be increased or decreased in size. We might ask the following questions: This information might be found by looking at local information from school statistics as well as a questionnaire to parents. Logs kept to track patients that have come to the program will also be helpful. Evaluation of the implementation of a program tells us whether we missed anything. Patton defines evaluation as a systematic approach and collection of information about programs characteristics, activities, and outcomes in an effort to improve effectiveness. Is the program being delivered to the public in such a way as was understood in the beginning? It also tells whether the program is effective. This can only be done by reviewing the programs design and goals and see if that is what is really happening. Lastly, like any program, there is maintenance of these programs also. Once a program is out there functioning, it is quite easy to just let it be. Maintaining it means consistently re-evaluating, changing, and putting back in place. This should be a continuous circle. There are a couple of other things that should be looked at and evaluated for new and old programs. Those are the mission and values, the market needs of the program, the clinical and service quality and the financial needs of the

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