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Writing Skills And School Habits - 1378 Words

For me, writing has always been a challenge. I always felt like that I could not express myself with the words I had been taught or that somehow I had been left out on the instructions on how to properly write. It’s always frustrated me that writing has been a challenge, and that may be why I enjoy reading so much because other people seem to have a way with words that I don’t. I love reading other people’s words a lot more than my own so much so that I tried avoiding writing as much as possible. Of course, school involves a lot of writing so it was not like I could permanently avoid it as much as I wish I could. So when my teacher announced that our class would be writing plays individually and turning them in to a theatre company, I was not at all excited. I was more like terrified about someone reading some trashy play I wrote. This moment in my life, however, changed my writing skills and school habits quite unexpectedly. The experience of writing my own play and having it performed was significant to me because it taught me about procrastination, hard work, and originality. 5th grade was like any other school year except that there were a lot more expectations and responsibilities to go along with it than the previous years, and Mrs. Schillinger definitely expected a lot from us, at least what I thought was a lot. â€Å"Class, today, I would like to announce a new writing assignment!† she exclaimed with a shining smile that it blinded the first row of kids. MoansShow MoreRelatedGraduate Study Challenges and Strategies and Strategies for Personal Success1009 Words   |  5 Pagesovercome the challenges. Some authors referenced note ways to create habits for success to use them to help reach personal and professional goals. Milestones will be evaluated that will mark achievements in reaching personal and professional goals. A personal short term goal is to simply complete each assignment on time and get a grade of A for each assignment submitted. Another short term goal is to make writing a paper an easy task and turn in an excellent paper every time. PersonalRead MoreReflection On My Writing Skills987 Words   |  4 PagesReflection My writing skills which I have worked on over the few months I have been in English 102 have changed quite a bit in my opinion. There are many things which I have improved upon that were amongst my weaker writing skills when the year began. On the opposite side of that point, there are also many things which I still need to improve upon if I want to truly elevate my writing to a level that I will be confident in. Finally, I have gained new skills outside of writing from this class, particularlyRead MorePurpose Of Writing988 Words   |  4 PagesPersonally, writing has always been a difficult and daunting task. I always found myself asking, â€Å"Why is this required?† â€Å"How is this helping me and preparing me for my future?† â€Å"What’s the point?† However, at the completion of my writing 122 course I have come to realize how important writing is for my future. Some may think that taking a writing course is not necessary and shouldn’t be consi dered a â€Å"requirement† to graduate. However, you go through your whole life needing writing skills. No matterRead MoreReflective Essay On Self Reflection956 Words   |  4 Pages As the semester of my first year in high school comes to an end, I look back to the beginning of the year to when I had no idea on how to write a quality paper or even how to use correct format and evidence. However, with a teacher who connects with students and using tools to enhance my paper, I feel more confident in independently writing an essay. In spite of the fact that it’s been a little over four months since the beginning of the year, I feel like I have improved. From â€Å"to-be verbs† to sentenceRead MoreReflection Of Writing : My Writing Experience In The Homeroom871 Words   |  4 Pagesfirst writing experience outside the classroom. For it would teach me more than just putting words together to complete a sentence, but to incorporate the meaning. Entering my third y ear of elementary school I encountered the most humblest teacher named Ms. Cologne. She was the most good hearted, caring, humane person I met at a young age. She was black with dark straight hair and wore thick framed plastic glasses. Her classroom was bright, full of colors with the ABC’s in cursive writing aroundRead MoreLiterary Practices For The First Big Writing Assignment1156 Words   |  5 PagesLiterary Practices For the first big writing assignment in English, we were asked to interview someone and talk about their literacies. My first thought was right along the lines of â€Å"what is the point of this†. I didn’t understand how learning about how someone else established their writing and reading habits would be beneficial to me and my habits. It wasn’t until I started interviewing my partner when I realized the purpose of this paper. My partner, Janae, looked at literacy completely differentRead MoreIncreasing Trend Of Lack Of Communicating Effectively983 Words   |  4 PagesWriting has continuously been a major focus in academics, yet recent graduates find it challenging to communicate clearly and concisely while using appropriate grammar. There can be numerous of reasons for the increasing trend of lack of communicating effectively. Three of the main reasons I believe students are not performing as expected include: a wrong focus on length versus clear and concise content, exponential growth of technology, and a new era of mastering multitask skills. When enteringRead MoreComing Into English By Ray Bradbury875 Words   |  4 Pageswas also challenged more than I thought I would be. I am glad that I have taken English, especially my freshman year. I am able to use all of my new writing strategies beyond this semester because my writing has improved after defeating a few writing challenges. I have developed and improved numerous amounts of writing skills. Some of those skills including being able to determine when to write formally and informally, as well as developing an advanced vocabulary. When it comes to reading a shortRead MoreCritical Reflection On The Course Experience Essay1197 Words   |  5 PagesCollege (GTCC), I have considerably progressed in academic discipline that allows my critical analysis skills from the beginning of the semester flourish to now. Taking Humanities 115, critical thinking enable this success throughout my semester courses. It was a challenge at first, but as time progressed, I became more focused on how this course description was going to impact the critical thinking skills that I had already developed. In â€Å"The Art of Thinking†, it offers different strategies for criticalRead MoreMy Year Of High School Essay958 Words   |  4 Pages Back in my freshmen year of high school, I cringed at the thought of writing essays. I c ould not convey my thoughts through my writing efficiently. After sophomore year, I became a bit more confident about my writing. It was not until junior year, however, that my writing drastically improved. IB English 11 enhanced quite a few of my weaknesses and molded me into an analytical thinker. Nevertheless, the process of becoming a capable writer was rigorous. One of my biggest challenges as a writer:

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